Meet The Team


At Sugar Me Clean Beauty Lounge we want  EVERY CLIENT to have that wow customer service! Being greeted when you arrive,  products and services offered, the in-between moments and until you leave us. Our team strives to give you amazing results and a genuine connection. We aren't just a beauty company who stays in their four walls; Every year we work with four new organizations to give back to our community and the ones around us!

Beauty Products

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success"

 -Henry Ford


Born & Raised in Santa Cruz CA but in 2014 I made my way out to Las Vegas NV to start my career in beauty! Working for others I saw a few things that were missing. The beauty industry made more than enough profit but most still underpaid employees and not enough companies were giving back to the community that was supporting their growth. So I ventured out on my own to try and make a company that does. The past 5 years I've been perfecting my Sugaring Hair Removal Skills; I'm amazing and quick at what I do! While I continuously perfect my own skills; I now have a team behind me not only perfecting theirs as well but a team who believes in the companies mission. I will strive to build a company that not only uses the best and safest products for my clients but to build a company that helps as many people around me as possible.