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Please aim to arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time if you are a new client to fill out paperwork. If your paperwork isn't 100% filled out or signed, we will not be able to provide you with your scheduled service and will result in a cancellation fee (half the service(s) regular price). If you’re an existing client, please arrive on time to your scheduled appointment. If you arrive 5 minutes after your scheduled appointment, your appointment will be cancelled and will be charged half the service(s) regular price.


A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to reschedule/cancel a booked appointment without penalty fee of half the service(s) regular price.



We want client and staff to be safe but due to high volume of clients not showing up and/or cancelling last minute;  saying they have came in contact with someone or they may have it and cant come in; we have seen it to be the result of skipping fee payments. We will now ask for all fees (No Call/No Show, Rescheduling or canceling less than 24hrss) that are charged will only be applied to your account as credit IF YOU PROVIDE PROOF OF COVID TESTING WITHIN 24 HRS OF YOUR APPOINTMENT! 


Ladies it is your responsibility when booking an appointment to schedule around your cycle if your uncomfortable getting sugared with a tampon or cup in. We will still perform services as long as a new tampon or cup is in; because of this we will still charge a cancellation or rescheduling fee if you choose to not come in during your cycle.


If you simply forget to cancel or reschedule more than 24hrs, you will still be charged!


If you or another person in your household, has an infectious or contagious illness, please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule your appointment for a later date. For your safety and that of staff and other clients, please do not come to your appointments sick. If it is assumed you are currently sick, your appointment may be cut short or cancelled and rescheduled for when you are healthy again. A one-time allowance of last-minute cancellation or reschedule will be permitted for sickness or family emergency ONLY!  After that, the cancellation  policy is in effect. If your appointment was a "no-show/no-call" you will be required to pay 100% of your service(s). Appointment(s) costing more then $100 will no be excused for the one time pass for cancellation or rescheduling less than 24hours.


As a courtesy, appointment reminders are sent out 48 hours and  24 hours  by text and email. If an appointment is cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of your appointment you will be charged 50% of your service(s). If you no call no show, you will be charged 100% of your service(s) as a cancellation fee. Canceling even one minute after your appointment is considered a NO SHOW. A credit card  for all clients will be required at the time of booking. This is to protect your time that is set aside especially for you, as well as to protect our time which books up quickly. In turn, we promise to keep appointments on time, give you our full and undivided attention!  We have the right to refuse service; after three No Call/No Shows and/or Cancelling or Rescheduling less than 24 hrs, we will review each clients file individually and may no longer accept you to book appointments. 


You are paying for service providers time, product and other expenses used to provide you with a service. No refunds will be given for any reason on services, products and/or classes. If you are unhappy with a service, you may contact us within 72 hours of your appointment to discuss your concerns and if a fix can be done to address your concerns, it will be done so if it is at the fault of application or product. Any concerns addressed after 72 hours of your last appointment, or if you failed to follow the proper before and/or aftercare instructions, will be charged at full price for the service. When purchasing online specials for services and/or E-gift cards, all sales will be final! If you choose to no longer want the "special" you purchased at that time, the discounted special price paid will be applied to your account and be used to other services. If a service or class requires a "Non-Refundable Deposit" That deposit will not be refunded at any circumstance and will not be applied to your service or class if the policies are not followed properly. Certification Courses have a  Non-Refundable $200 deposit and will be applied towards your course. Your balance must be paid in full 24 hours prior to your scheduled day of class. If you Cancel your class less than 72 hours you will not receive your deposit back and must place a new deposit to reserve another date. If you have paid your class in-full we do not offer refunds and the amount you have paid will be on file for future courses. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Discounts; one monthly discount, check in and/or coupon may be used in a 24 hour window per client.  New client discounts will not be honored under any circumstance if client has came in for any services in the past even if it wasn't for the same service the "New Client" discount is for. Prices are subject to change anytime without notice. 


Payments not made with cash will result in a 3.5% processing fee charged by our POS Processing Company.

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