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Why we choose Sugaring over Waxing.

Sugaring is 100% Natural, Vegan and Cruelty Free! This means free of harsh chemicals and  preservatives like traditional hard and soft wax.
Sugaring can lead to depletion. After each session the growth becomes more refined and with each treatment your hair follicle will begin to deplete itself, causing permenacy. Unlike traditional waxing, sugaring ONLY removes the hair and exfoliates dead skin cells. Leaving you hair free, smooth and with hydrated skin cells. When you pick Traditional wax it not only removes hair and dead skin cells but your live skin cells aswell; Leaving you with an irritated raw feeling. Your sugaring treatment will leave you without feeling raw and in pain. Sugaring is less of a mess because it  is water-soluble, allowing us to remove any excess sugar paste left on the skin with a warm towel. Sugar is ideal for anyone wanting to do their eyebrows! While you hold a mirror you can let us know if we applied to much to an area; Like wax you'd have to remove the wax, sugaring we can wipe it off and start over. Never worry again about finding left over traditional wax on your body when you get home.
Applied after your service(s) to fight ingrown hairs and calm the skin.
Our Whish products are free of:
- Phthalates
- Sulfates
- Parabens
 - Mineral Oil
- Synthetic Dyes 
- Fragrances
100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free
Whats better then being hair free_ Hair
When applying sugar to the skin the application temperature should never be your concern when getting hair removed. Unlike traditional waxing, sugar paste is applied room temperature to lukewarm. Sugaring is VERY sanitary, bacteria cannot breed in the jar. Your service provider will use one ball of sugar your whole service, so there is NO double dipping. With traditional hard and soft wax bacteria can breed in the jar and double dipping is a common occurrence; leaving clients with infections.
Sugaring is removed in the same direction of hair growth. This process has less chance of breakage in the hair and ingrown hairs. Traditional waxing is removed in the opposite direction of hair growth, usually causing the hair to break at the surface. When sugar causes a hair to break we can actually go back over the area because it's not removing live skin, with waxing a service provider is only allowed to go over the area multiple times with hard wax but is still not reccomended. But because traditional wax is always breaking your hair vs removing it, it's leaving you with ingrown hairs and stubble.
Unfortunately some of us are prone to ingrown hairs and need a little extra care! During your sugaring service we will walk you through the different types of ingrown hairs and how to prevent them!
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