Exfoliating Body Wrap

75 Minutes - $125

Try our luxurious exfoliating body treatment for softer smoother skin. Like our other treatments start with our foot soak scrub leading into our aroma therapy. In our exfoliating boy wrap we will sluff away dead skin with a dry exfoliation and replenish your skin with our back mask. While the mask sits, you will enjoy a quick facial cleansing and an invigorating facial massage. Ending with a foot reflexology massage will be the icing on this treatment. 

Detox Back Facial

60 Minutes - $100

The Detoxifying Clay Mask and Detoxing Back Massage is made to bring impurities to the surface. Once your treatment mask is finished, extractions take place and leading in to a detox massage. Ending with a moisturizing mask to leave your skin supple and soft. While the mask sits enjoy your hand massage. This organic facial is all you back needs.

Body Mask

90 Minutes - $175

Enjoy our relaxing Body Mask,

starting with our foot soak scrub and relax into our aroma therapy. We will start your treatment with our exfoliation to sluff off your dead skin, to allow our the mask to penetrate 90% of your skin. While the mask is pulling out impurities and rehydrating the body,  a relaxing hand or foot massage will take place.

Slimming Body Wrap

120 Minutes - $600

Our Slimming Body Wrap allows our products to seep deep into the skin to help detox the targeted area. This allows increasing blood flow and circulation to help reduce body mass and firm the skin. Our Slimming Body Mask not only targets body mass but helps reduce cellulite, discoloration and stretch marks. This mask will help detox your body, boost energy and activate your metabolism. This service should be done in a series of 6 - 10 for optimal results! A healthy diet and increase in water consumption is recommended.

For single areas see prices below.

FACE    $60
ARMS    $80
Jawline, Chin and Neck
STOMACH    $125
 BACK    $125
BUTTOCKS    $100
LEGS    $150

Single Areas