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new client brazilian & Manzilian

Everything from the front to back to inner buttocks. Perfect for the complete nude look! Before starting, we will apply a PH balanced cleanser on the skin. We don't want bacteria going into the pores and creating impurities during your service! At the end we will add our healing cell toner and calming  anti-bacteria serum.


*Add numbing gel for an additional cost.

(Saving $15)
(Saving $170)
(Saving $175)

From Head to Toes!

Unlike traditional waxing, sugaring ONLY removes the hair and exfoliates dead skin cells. Leaving you hair free, smooth and with hydrated skin cells. When you pick Traditional wax it not only removes hair and dead skin cells but your live skin cells aswell; Leaving you with an irritated raw feeling. Your sugaring treatment will leave you without feeling raw and in pain. Sugaring is less of a mess because it  is water-soluble, allowing us to remove any excess sugar paste left on the skin with a warm towel. Sugar is ideal for anyone wanting to do their eyebrows! While you hold a mirror you can let us know if we applied to much to an area; Like wax you'd have to remove the wax, sugaring we can wipe it off and start over. Never worry again about finding left over traditional wax on your body when you get home.


 Receive up to 2 ampules, with a teeth whitening session!

Looking for fuller or more symmetrical lips without the downtime? Hyaluron Filler not only gives you a more natural look, it also is a non-invasive and needless filler. 

(Saving $125)

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