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new client brazilian 

add-on: Ingrown hair mask $15 or Vagacial $45

new client Manzilian 

add-on: Ingrown hair mask $15 or Manacial $45


Ingrown hair mask, Push trapped hairs and bacteria to the surface. Great for cystic ingrowns but may need multiple treatments depending on bacteria. This mask can be applied on top of hair or after hair removal. For the best results, add on after each hair removal service.

A Vagacial & Manacial is an effective way to heal the skin after a Brazilian or Manzilian. This will allow the masks of the vagacial & manacial to fully seep into the pores. Our treatment will allow you to pick two different types of masks, added with high frequency to kill deeper bacteria and end in serums for healthier skin.

body contouring for the holidays
Buy any 2 sessions get one free

Normally other body contouring is moving fat to another area. On average after 6 sessions our clients drop 10 pounds. The Body Contouring Treatment is a compression wrap done with plastic wrap and Tuel Body Products to bring circulation to areas that have a buildup of waste and need more stimulation. This treatment is designed to rid the body of toxins and lose inches. You can do two to three wraps a week and get some profound changes in just a short time. This service is best when done in a series and is supported by our home care products with your professional guidance.