What to know or do before scheduling your appointment?

Who's a good candidate for Facials?

Because we use a line that's all natural and offers products suitable for all skin types anyone is a good fit for our  body facials: whether your Sensitive, Acne Prone, Dry, Oily, Combo and/or Aging we have something for everyone! Of course before everyone's appointment we will ask questions to see exactly what products will best suit your individual needs and be safe for your skin type.

What should I avoid the night and morning before my facial?

Prior to your body facial  turn to gentle skincare. Gentle skin care is important to ensure skin is not irritated prior to any body facial procedures. Take this a step further by  putting away your exfoliators completely. Do not exfoliate, use peels or Retinoid type products the night before or morning of the body facial, especially if you tend to be sensitive. This can lead to excess irritation after the procedure. Avoid caffeine for about 24 hours before your procedure and avoid other foods or drinks that have a dehydrating tendency, as this could slow the healing process.

Are there side effect?

When it comes to any type of body facial procedure, there is always a risk of possible side effects. The most common side effects that can occur after a body facial are redness and irritation. This is why we preform a questionnaire prior to starting your service. During your questionnaire it's best to be as honest as possible so we can avoid complications and treat your skin as needed.

Can I get a massage after?

We recommend holding off on massages for at least 24 hours after any body facial, this is because your pores will be open and if your massage therapist uses products that aren't "non-comedogenic" your skin will be reactive and cause a breakout and/or irritation.

This is my first body facial, Which is best for me?

If this is your first body facial you're not alone! Body facials are becoming more popular over the years since individuals are discovering the long term benefit of these services. Not only will keeping up with them help maintain healthy glowing skin but prevent Acne and Cystic Acne, Along with Aging and the rapid effect of lose of Collagen and Elasticity in the skin. If this is your first body facial  it's best to take it slow your first  time and recommend booking our Exfoliating Body Wrap or Detox Back Facial to start. Of course when you arrive at your scheduled appointment your service provider and you will go over some questions to figure out which service is the best option and you can change the service at that time if you choose.

What to do after your appointment?

You really should try to avoid this all the time, but your skin is especially sensitive after a body facial. Though it’s tempting to pick at or touch your skin, keep your hands off . It can cause irritation and potential scarring. After a service you may notice you still have blackheads or whiteheads,  that's because it's not ready to come out yet and the last thing we want is for you to leave your service with more issues vs repair.

Always avoid any activities that can cause you to sweat excessively. The increased heat in the skin and sweat can be irritating to your freshly exfoliated skin. If you are adamant about working out, we suggest to make the trip to the gym before your scheduled appointment so your skin has time to heal. We just cleansed the skin, lets not put the bacteria right back in.

Your skin is sensitive after a body facial so you’ll want to go easy on it. Oftentimes the serums and physical manipulation of the skin during the body facial can disrupt the skin barrier so it’s best to stick with gentle and hydrating cleansers. If you find a salon or spa you love to get your body facials from it's best to consider investing in the  products they are using on your skin during your treatment. Sticking to the same brand in the treatment room as well as at home will allow your skin to clear up and reach it's goals faster; Whether its Acne, Aging, Dryness ect. . Constantly switching products can confuse the skin and some products will contradict what you just did with your service provider.

If your skin is looking red from the exfoliation or extractions, you might be tempted to apply products over it. Avoid doing this for at least 24 hours if possible because your body facial provides such a deep cleanse, it’s best to give your skin a break from  heavy products for a day or so, because your pores are more open than normal and therefore susceptible to more bacteria. Taking a break from heavy products will also allow the serums, creams, or peels that were used to be more effective.

You can resume your routine the following day. When you apply your products after a body facial, make sure to use brushes and applicators that have been properly cleaned to avoid post breakouts.