What to know or do before scheduling your appointment?

Whats better then being hair free_ Hair free with little to no skin irritation and ingrown
Who's a good candidate for Body Contouring?

Because we use a line that's all natural and offers products suitable for all skin types anyone is a good fit for our Detox Body Contour: whether your trying to speed up your metabolism to lose pounds or fight off a few inches for a big day, we have something for everyone! Of course before everyone's appointment we will ask questions to see exactly what your goal is and how many treatments will best suit your individual needs and be safe for your skin type.

What should I avoid the night and morning before my Body Contour?

Prior to your Body Contour cleanse the area with gentle skincare. Gentle skin care is important to ensure skin is not irritated prior to any procedures. Takes this a step further by exfoliating. As this step will allow the products to penetrate deeper in to the pores allowing the menthol to speed up your metabolism better. We highly recommend booking our exfoliating body wrap within 24hours of your Detox Wrap, this service as a add on is $70.  Avoid caffeine and alcohol for about 24 hours before your procedure and avoid other foods or drinks that have a dehydrating tendency, as this could slow the process.

Are there side effect?

When it comes to our Detox Body Contour procedure, there is always a risk of possible side effects if your unaware of allergies you have. The most common side effects that can occur after are redness and irritation that will subside after a few hours. This is why we preform a questionnaire prior to starting your service. During your questionnaire it's best to be as honest as possible so we can avoid complications and treat your skin as needed.

Can I come with lotion or products on?

It best that you come with clean skin, this will allow your service provider to spend more time on your concerns and service rather than removing your products. If you decide to apply products prior to your appointment, they may cause blockage in the pores and create a barrier from the Body Contour products to be fully effective.

What to do after your appointment?


Following this treatment we highly recommend taking home our Shape Shifter Lotion, this lotion will continue to speed your metabolism in between your services; While reducing cellulite.

After your appointment, you can go home and rinse your body off but avoid any products for 24 hours unless its the Detox Body Contour Invigorating Body Wash, Triple Splash or Shape Shifter.

We want all of our clients to retain the most amazing results there is. With that we HIGHLY encourage all clients during this process to maintain a health lifestyle. If going to the gym isn't your thing, a short walk a day can be really beneficial during this process. Also these results will speed up faster with a healthy diet. Having a healthy diet with products speeding your metabolism will process out all the bad foods in lingering in your digestive system, getting rid of additional weight.

You want to keep your appointments to no more than a week apart and no closer together than 48hours. These appointments are a little bit longer than our other services, so remember to pre-book ahead of time to keep the results going!