What to know or do before scheduling your appointment?

Does Hyaluron Pen fillers hurt? 

The Hyaluron Pen is painless, if you feel discomfort it will be due to your service provider "cupping" your skin; cupping is placing two fingers on each side of the placement and pressing the skin to the pen. This is to ensure we are getting all the Hyaluronic Acid in your skin. The Hyaulron Pen is needless! This non-invasive procedure has a high pressurized air chamber in the pen allowing the acid to become so micro it seeps into your pores.

What to avoid before my appointment?

Avoid taking anti-inflammatory medications and certain types of supplements. These often have blood thinning properties that can promote bruising. Discontinue vitamin E, aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen sodium for one week prior to injections. Do not drink alcohol or eat garlic two days prior to injections. Garlic can inhibit the normal platelet function of the blood which can cause bruising. On the day of please avoid caffine.

BEFORE              &           AFTER
Who's not a good candidate for Hyaluron Filler?

If you have the following you must consult with your doctor before hand and bring in an approval letter before receiving a consultation.

• No one 17 and younger

• Pacemaker/Defibrillator

• Rosacea  

• Cold Sores 

• Blood Clot Disorder 

• Varicose

• Cancer

• Immune Disorder


• High/Low Blood Pressure

• Pregnancy

• Spinal Injury 

• Metal Implants/Pins 



•Hormone Imbalance

•Alcohol or Drug Abuse

•Recent Injections/Fillers

• Any Active Infection

• Diabetes

• Skin Disease/Disorder 

• Circulation Disorder

• Heart Disease

• Hepatitis A/B/C

• Keloid Scarring 

• Veins/Phlebitis

• Thyroid Disorder 


•Oral or topical Accutane or Retin-A, vitamin A products in the previous 3 months. 

What to do before my appointment?

Before your appointment you will have came in for a consultation so your service provider can go over what to do prior for your individual needs and concerns. However it is best to start drinking as much water prior to your service. Hyaluronic Acid is a natural sugar our bodies already produce but as we get older it starts to slow down. When putting it back into the body for filler purposes, the more water we drink the better the results will be. Hyaluronic Acid holds 1000 times its weight; So consuming water prior and after will give you amazing results! On top of that you also want to make sure for the week leading up to your scheduled appointment you are exfoliating your lips. Exfoliated lips will allow the product to go into the skin easier. Eating pineapple 2 or 3 times is recommended 1-2 days prior to injections. Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain. Bromelain which is found in the juice and stem has anti-inflammatory properties that do not promote blood thinning, but can actually prevent bruising. 

How many syringes will I need?

The best part of the Hyaluron pen is you almost have immediate results! Once we are done with your fillers your results will be almost immediate and wont change much over the next few days while the filler spreads out underneath the surface. This allows us to determine if we have met your goals or if we want to keep adding. However the amount of syringes you'll need or what's recommended will be discussed at the time of your consultation so you have an idea before coming in for your initial service. For your first time doing  Hyaluron Fillers its always best to start at a smaller amount, then coming back in three months for more. Doing a small amount your first go around and then again in three months will give you optimal results lasting 12-18 months if you follow the proper aftercare. You also don't want to use to much filler your first time, to much can lead to complications. At Sugar Me Clean Beauty Lounge your safety and health is our number one priority and if you insist we do a larger amount than what we recommend unfortunately we will not be able to provide you with the service.

What to do after your appointment?

Don’t touch or rub the treated area for at least six hours after treatment. After that, you can gently clean the area and apply light make-up.

24 hours after avoid flying and saunas as this will dehydrate the body. If minor bruising or swelling occurs take as needed arnica and an anti-inflammatory to help with swelling and bruising. You may also apply an ice pack 20 minutes at a time. Avoid intense workouts, fresh fillers need time to set maintaining lots of water and reducing intense movement for 24 hours after is important. Avoid itching, massaging, or picking around the injection site. This is normal and generally disappears within a few hours to a few days. 

Up to 72 hours after avoid highly processed foods as they dehydrate the body. Instead, eat fruits and vegetable's high in vitamins and water. Avoid extreme temperatures as well as swimming. After 10 hours of your procedure you will be able to softly massage the areas treated as the filler will slowly spread evenly under the surface.

For up to one week after your treatment keep your treated area protected from the sun and using SPF. 

Continue to avoid any products or services using Glycolic or Salicylic Acid and continue drinking water!

If you think your results are more than what you asked and its no longer swollen, this is when you want to reduce your water intake.