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sugar hair removal
brazilian, ingrown hair mask & Underarms

Save $20

brazilian, underarms & half legs

Save $25

manzilian & ingrown hair mask 

Save $15

$25 Off
Full back or full torso
ingrown hair mask

Ingrown hair mask, Push trapped hairs and bacteria to the surface. Great for cystic ingrowns but may need multiple treatments depending on bacteria. This mask can be applied on top of hair or after hair removal. For the best results, add on after each hair removal service.

24k gold vagacial/manacial

A 24k Gold Vagacial & Manacial is an effective way to heal the skin after a Brazilian or Manzilian. This service will help detoxify, brighten and moisturize the skin. Our gold patches help activate the cell renewal process; While the gel masks cleanses, detoxifies and restores skin tone.

This service is best for anyone trying to combat uneven skin color and wanting to prevent significant ingrown hair and bacteria in the pores.