Every facial is customized to every individual, with facial products you can trust!

Our Tuel products are free of:
- Phthalates
- Sulfates
- Parabens
 - Mineral Oil
- Synthetic Dyes 
- Fragrances
100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free
Sugar Me Clean Beauty Lounge 
offers highly trained estheticians that will guide you through your skincare needs. Each treatment will be personally customized based on concerns and needs while educating you on the best at home products to combat
- Sensitive
- Oily
- Dry
- Combination
- Rosacea
- Fine lines/Wrinkles
- Acne
- Aging
- Anti-Aging
We are here to help you achieve beautiful glowing skin.
Pampering you is our number one priority. All of our facials are joined with a foot soak scrub and a soothing aroma therapy journey. Each treatment is customizable with a luxurious hand and/or foot massage. 
 This is your time to relax and let us do the work!
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things to know when booking your next facial:
Client's should be recieving facials atleast once a month. You can have the best at home regimne but it can't replace professional treatment and products. Our skin also changes all the time depending on the season and your lifestyle. Having monthly facials is benefical.
Avoid places that don't ask you alot of questions. Your skin is the largest organ you have and you want to take care of it. A company who asks alot of questions and goes through the entire facial with you has your best interest. Because no facial will ever be the same as the last client since we all have different skin types and lifestyles; you want a company who knows as much as possiable before applying products that can actually damage your face more than help it!
Facials should be a relaxing experience but make sure your provider has good lighting in the room an a work space that isnt so crowded or overwhelming. If the workplace is dim from start to finish, that can indicated a dirty work enviroment they are trying to hide.
Esthetics goes beyond beauty, Estheticians learn alot of imformation in school, training and over their years working. It may be hard to remember everything but always look for a company who has service providers that will get to the bottom of your answer vs. srugging it off. Like we said your skin is important and you dont want just anyone working on it.
Remember a Dermatologist isn't always the answer. Majority of the time its the right advice, right skin care routine, products and lifestyle changes.
Come see us for more information!